“Yassin Power”

‘ power music ‘
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FR)Artiste aux multiples visages, Yassine BODY est ce qu’on appelle un caméléon. Guitariste autodidacte à la première heure, il se forge une expérience solide de la scène avec ses groupes (Wes Walltz, Psykokondriak).
Chanteur et parolier, il compose des choeurs et des lignes de chant qui vont de la funk au rock en passant par la soul et le rap. Jimi Hendrix, Howlin Wolf, James Brown, Prince, Sly Stone, Bad Brains sont ses premières inspirations.

ENG) YASS BODY was born around Lille, France, ears raised up in a fertile mix of culture between North Africa rhythms and melodies (Gnawa, Chaabi, Raï) french writers and poetries (Prévert, Verlaine, Raimbaud, Hugo, Zola) , english blues rock (Led Zeppelin, the Beatles) and american Funk/Blues/Folk influences (Bob Dylan, James Brown, Funkadelic, Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Betty Davis, Prince) .

He turned to Music ambitions at 18, and began shortly to build his own, never simple, always subtile, firmly convinced by the power of DIY. In 2009 ,with two friends, he created a Punk/Funk band called ‘Wes Waltz’, doing nearly 400 shows all over Europe.

Nowadays that’s with the lads of PSYKOKONDRIAK that he rocks the Old Continent (Hip hop rock’n roll fusion in a Beastie Boys way to get crazy) making their album GLOOMY DAYS successful and funky in 2016 (2nd to be released in June 2018). YASS BODY also launched two funky projects that drove him to musical experiences in Morocco).

Playing guitar, singing and recording from the start, it was a turning point when he listened to GRACE album. The GARY LUCAS and JEFF BUCKLEY work sounded like a furthering of many things he loved.
If BODY recorded a cover of MOJO PIN, that’s because of a dream he did. Now the dream made him travel to New York and it’s like some really deep feelings come to reality, feelings he travelled from so far to come and sing in ARLENE’S GROCERY, including a featuring with GARY LUCAS for the NYC JB TRIBUTE 2017 and a tour around UK in 2018, more collaborations to be expected.

” Psykokondriak “

‘ hip hop rock’n roll from Lille since 2006 ‘